Friday, September 29, 2006

WTF? OR AG Feels "Terrorist Presence"

From KOBI-5 TV in Medford, this over the wire:
There is an active terrorist presence in Oregon says top Oregon and federal law enforcement.

And to prove it Oregon State Attorney General Hardy Myers released a new study today to the public.

The document was compiled by the Department of Justice and included data that put together information that links several organized crime operations.

Also referred to in the report are references to street gangs, outlaw motorcycle groups, and white supremacist groups.
That's the lede, and then they don't mention another thing about the terrorists and their "presence?" What kind of random fearmongering story is that? The release was today, and so far this is the only source I've seen for the press conference, and I was unable to find the report itself at DoJ (although I did not look hard).

They're coming to get yoo, Matt Lauer! They want to come into your kitchen and kill you and your family! They've got a, a, a presence Matt, heh-heh...