Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Saxton: No letter love from the vast right wing constituency

If you're one of those dorky news freebasers (like me) who take the time to actually read the Letters to the Editor in the O, you may have noticed that there are a dearth of submissions in support of GOP goobernatorial candidate Ron Saxton.

If you are and you have, we're not alone. Its not going unnoticed among some in Saxton's camp, either.

A reader sent me a series of emails that they came across complaining about the lack of love on the Editorial page for poor Ron. I realize that this might sound like the set up for a joke--admittedly it does come across that way. But as far as I can tell, these emails are legit.

The first, to the Oregonian:

"Ross A. Smith" [][>] 09/25/06

06:11AM >>> My goodness, all eight letter regarding the governor's race published
in the Oregonian on Sunday were directed against Ron Saxton, the
Republican candidate. How do you suppose that happened -- in the Oregonian of all
places? Don't Republicans bother reading your newspaper anymore?
Ross Smith
Lincoln City OR 97367

(Mr Smith's phone number and address were at the bottom of the email. I removed them out of respect for his privacy)

The reply from Giselle Price Williams at the O:

The letters we printed Sunday do not reflect bias on The Oregonian's
part; they reflect what letter writers wrote. We simply did not receive
ANY pro-Saxton letters, among the 708 letters that came in during the
previous week
(emphasis-Carla). I am hoping that Saxton supporters will be motivated by
the Sunday section to write their own letters. Feel free to copy my
response to all the people you sent your e-mail to. Thanks.

Giselle Price Williams
Letters editor
The Oregonian
1-800-452-1420 x8150
1-800-826-0376 x8150

The Oregonian received 708 letters to the editor last week and not one of them was in support of Ron Saxton.

Ouch. That's gotta hurt.

It appears that the Ross/Williams exchange was circulated and made it to the desk of Paulette Pyle, who according to this Blue Oregon entry is a significant pesticide lobbyist, cozied up with the Wayne Scott-Karen Minnis-Ted Ferrioli set.

Ms Pyle sent a mass email out to folks begging for pro-Saxton letters to be sent to the O:

*From:* Sandi Schukar [] *On Behalf Of
*Sent:* Tuesday, September 26, 2006 12:09 PM
*To:* List Suppressed
*Subject:* Letters to the editor -HELP!!!

Hi All again: Please drop a letter to the Oregonian and your local newspaper in
support of Ron Saxton. Kulongoski campaign has a well orchestrated letters to the
editor campaign in place spearheaded by the Environmentalist and Unions. I would
rather you are all spontaneous and get you letters written and sent. As you mail to
the papers, please send copies to me here at OFS. Thank you...Paulette


According the Oregonian, there were no letters to the editor received in support of
Ron last week. By contrast, they received 708 in support of the Governor. See
below. This is hard to believe, but regardless, we need to fix the problem! Could
you all send this to your lists and recruit some letter writers. There is plenty of
good material this week. The endorsement of the Sheriff’s Association is a great
topic, that has been seriously under reported. Not a single Sheriff voted to endorse
the Governor.

Another good subject is the recent Bob Moore poll showing that the race is a dead
heat. People are looking for change. Also, the Sunday Oregonian did a comprehensive
piece on the dismal state of affairs in Oregon (….as a result of 20+ years of
Democratic leadership).

Let me know if you need any other materials or sources for letters. Thanks so much!

The fact that Pyle has to send an email beseeching the pro-Saxton contingent to send something, ANYTHING to the Oregonian speaks to the lack of passion behind his campaign. Plus, the talking points are just sad.

But the fact that Pyle thinks that all 708 letters to the Oregonian were for Kulongoski must feel like a pile of bricks.