Sunday, October 08, 2006

Spanning the State: Vote "D" edition

I plan to be out in my garden most of the day. Its time for the annual fall garden cleanup and the planting of cold season veggies. I've got some lettuce and spinach seeds to sow.

But before I head out to putter in the beds, lets Span the State!


The paper of record in McMinnville has endorsed Sal Peralta. This is the first time in four election cycles that the News Register has not endorsed the Republican, Donna Nelson.

The Ashland Daily Tidings urges the electorate to vote Democratic.

An inability to see beyond the end of their own noses is causing a tempest in Jefferson. Even after having their Measure 37 claims honored, some people still aren't satisfied. Ideology will always trump the general welfare for some, apparently.

It seems like every time I check the Burns Times Herald for Spanning The State, there's some sort of dysfunction happening in their city government. This week is no exception.

In an oddly rambling editorial, Craig Coleman of the Polk County Itemizer reaches the conclusion that education in Oregon must be fully funded because its an investment. I'm pleased to welcome Coleman aboard the Liberal train.

The Eugene Weekly has been checking the contribution and expenditure reports for state senate candidates Jim Torrey and Vicki Walker. It appears that while Torrey has been downplaying his GOP ties, C&E reports indicate otherwise.

Don McIntire is still a lying asshole.

Big news in Klamath Falls. Apparently it rains in Oregon. This is the top headline, incidentally.

Things keep blowing up in a Madras science class. And its not on purpose.

The LaGrande Observer says vote NO on term limits.

Portland State University's Vanguard has an entertainingly veracious editorial on Measure 48/TABOR. The first line: Two things are certain in life: death and the irresponsible absurdity of the so-called Taxpayer's Bill of Rights. Out-friggin-standing.