Wednesday, October 04, 2006

The O's Editorial Board Snipe Hunt

When I was a young girl, a friend of our family tricked me into going on a snipe hunt while on a camping trip.

I felt silly afterward, wondering to myself how I could have fallen for such a goofy little ruse.

I'm now wondering how long it will be until the O's Editorial Page honcho Bob Caldwell has that same "snipe hunt" conversation with himself. Bob is clearly not a child anymore. But his churlish, childish editorial today shows a man in need of examining how he could easily allow himself to be so misled by Everett Curry.

Caldwell reversed the O's endorsement of David Edwards in House District 30, using the reprehensible David Reinhard's Sunday column content as an excuse. As I demonstrated in the piece just below this--Reinhard's column is so fractured by half truths and misstatements as to be laughable.

But no matter. Caldwell doesn't go further than Reinhard's column as his source citation. And with that, he finds himself punk'd--the victim of a grown-up style snipe hunt.

We've seen this happen time and again: Gordon Smith, Domonic Biggi,Death With Dignity--all places where the paper has completely abdicated its role with informing the public.

This sad turn of events is obviously just the latest in a line of foibles and missteps--further eroding the credibility of the O.

The O once again does a disservice to its readers by not digging beyond the surface. Its utterly dissapointing that individuals who are supposed to be journalists can't take the time to actually investigate the people and issues they claim to be covering.