Tuesday, October 03, 2006

BREAKING: Rep. Walden Backs Hastert Cover-up!

Update, 430p--
as promised...
Statement of Congressman Greg Walden
Regarding Former Congressman Mark Foley

October 3, 2006

Washington, DC – Congressman Greg Walden issued the following statement today in regard to the situation involving former Congressman Mark Foley’s improper conduct with and illicit emails to former congressional pages.

I strongly support the Speaker and his call for an immediate and thorough investigation by the Department of Justice and State of Florida into former Congressman Mark Foley’s conduct with current and former House pages to determine to what extent any of his actions violated federal or state law. As the Speaker promptly requested of the United States Attorney General, the investigation must include any and all individuals who may have been aware of this matter – be they Members of Congress, employees of the House of Representatives, or anyone outside the Congress. I first learned of Foley’s emails and conduct on Friday when the national media reported them, and am disgusted and outraged over his repulsive actions. As a father and lawmaker, if Foley had not immediately resigned from the Congress, I would have strongly supported his immediate expulsion from the House.” [emph mine]
Yes, he goes on to obfuscate by also supporting the Speaker's "investigation," IMO started primarily to find out who leaked the IMs to ABC News. Unlike the conservatives detailed below, however, Walden has not a single word to offer on the conduct of the House leadership in their handling of the entire affair.

So let's be clear about what position an Oregon Congressman is taking: sexual predation bad, coverup of predation OK, architects of coverup still deserving of their jobs.

I don't need to prod Carol Voisin's team anymore; they've recently done a great job responding quickly to Walden-related items. But I hope they can shift gears quickly enough to remind every single 2nd District voter they come in contact with for the rest of the campaign, that the person who represents them now wants to protect those who protected a sexual predator. It's really that simple.

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Having spoken with Greg Walden's Press Secretary Matt Daigle just now, asking whether Rep. Walden (R-OR2) agrees with recommendations by the Washington Times and prominent Republicans Richard Viguerie and Paul Weyrich that House Speaker Dennis Hastert should resign, Daigle informed me that they are compiling a statement on the matter. He would not comment on whether the statement would specifically refer to any of the House leadership and their continuing status in those roles, but did say there would be a statement forthcoming shortly on the "continuing situation." When I asked when the statement would be released, he said, "Oh, hopefully today." So we'll keep an eye out for it, and give you the news when it comes...