Thursday, October 05, 2006

Voisin Goes Bonds on Walden Re: Masturgate

The cliche that "[s]he hit a home run on that question/ad/speech" is more well-worn in political writing than the rug under Denny Hastert's chair. But it gets the message across: a solid, blunt swing and connect on an object you are about to swiftly and brutally repel from your presence. Today, that object is Republican Representative Greg Walden, and Democratic challenger Carol Voisin has just launched him into San Francisco Bay.

Yesterday I rather breathlessly sought and published Walden's statement of support for Speaker Dennis Hastert, which began clearly enough, "I support the Speaker..." As usual, none of the traditional media appear to have covered it. Am I really the only person who sees a major issue come from Congress and asks himself, "Gee, I wonder what our state's representatives think of that?" Is that no longer a story in state media? Christ--it's not even on Walden's own page, and he actually posted a different press release yesterday, so it's being maintained.

If no one else, however, I predicted his opponent would be listening. Here's what I said:
I don't need to prod Carol Voisin's team anymore; they've recently done a great job responding quickly to Walden-related items. But I hope they can shift gears quickly enough to remind every single 2nd District voter they come in contact with for the rest of the campaign, that the person who represents them now wants to protect those who protected a sexual predator. It's really that simple.
So for your reading pleasure, and as a model to any Congressional candidate whose opponent has gone on record supporting what anyone with half a testicle should have the ability to stand up and repudiate, Carol Voisin's 550-foot, rawhide scorching, cork warping response in its entirety:
Voisin deplores Foley scandal and Walden’s support for Hastert

Carol Voisin believes Congress has reached an all-new low this week. And she includes her opponent for the 2nd Congressional District, Greg Walden, in that assessment.

It was bad enough that a congressman, Mark Foley, resigned after indications of sexual predation came to light. But the Republican leadership's response to this episode has been nothing short of outrageous. Speaker Dennis Hastert was warned about Foley’s actions three years ago -- endangering how many children in those three years? -- and our representative in Congress, Greg Walden, still hasn’t asked for his resignation. Instead, Walden issued a press release supporting Hastert.

“These are easy moral decisions,” says Voisin, who teaches critical thinking and ethics at Southern Oregon University. “When someone is possibly preying on a child, you move in and stop it -- immediately. When someone looks the other way and allows it to continue -- for apparently political reasons -- then he needs to take responsibility for that possible criminal action, and step down.

“The American people know it’s the right thing to do,” she says, “and
so does Mr. Walden.” Voisin says the GOP, the supposed party of “family values,” has failed the parents of this country. Foley’s actions are not “naughty e-mails,” as Bush’s spokesperson, Tony Snow, described them earlier this week. And the warnings were not “after the fact ... you know, ‘would have, could have, should have,’” as Hastert has described them.

They were probable criminal actions, and the American people demand a full investigation. “We expect our leaders to protect our children at all costs -- not to sacrifice them in the name of political posturing,” Voisin says. “Despite their slogans, these children were “Left Behind’ to be sexual bait. It’s unforgivable.”

Walden’s office released a statement today, saying that he still strongly supports Hastert -- a moral position that Voisin says does not represent the people of southern and eastern Oregon. "It's just wrong -- morally, ethically, and every one who is a parent or grandparent knows that. He needs to do the right thing."

Voisin promises that when she is elected to Congress, she won't be afraid to take a stand and fight for what's right. She will work to return ethics and accountability to government. She says she shares the outrage of parents across the nation, of Democrats demanding justice, of conservative publications such as the Washington Times and of Christian groups such as Focus on the Family.

"This is not about politics," she says. "It's about protecting our children."