Monday, October 09, 2006

Trust Everyone Under 36!

Who says participating in the electoral process is for people on Rascals and dialysis? At least in Oregon, new, younger candidates are popping up across the state--frustrated with where we're headed, and ready to bring fresh perspectives and indomitable youthful energy. So let this old fogey (I just turned 39, and am assumedly long past "trustworthy") pass the baton to Kari Chisholm, wearing his Mandate Media hat and pushing this email our way:
This year, there are seven (SEVEN!) candidates under the age of 36 running for the Oregon House. And unlike the late-90s influx, these are all around the state - and many in swing districts.

Ben Cannon (Portland), Mike Caudle (Canby/OC), Brian Clem (Salem), Chris Edwards (Eugene), Sara Gelser (Corvallis), Sal Peralta (McMinnville), and Tobias Read (Beaverton)

I know it's late notice, but I'd like to invite you to a special event - with all of these young candidates in one place.

This Wednesday - October 11 - at 6:00 p.m. at the home of Brian Rohter and Eileen Brady. Suggested donation is just $15.
Imagine a political event where everyone knows the internet isn't a series of tubes, and "where were you when Kennedy was shot?" draws a blank stare! Tell your friends--even the decrepit ones over 40...

[see comments for RSVP info...]