Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Has Lars Larson jumped off the Marquam Bridge yet?

I'm just asking:

In the funereal atmosphere at the Hilton, where even the music—a compilation of Rolling Stones hits—struck the wrong key, the only people who could find cause for celebration were a cluster of conservative radio talk-show hosts, including Lars Larson, Victoria Taft and state Rep. Jeff Kropf (R-Sublimity).

'All tonight is a full employment act for radio talk show hosts,' says a glum Larson, the KXL (750 AM) host, as he absorbed the reality of a Democratic landslide.

If this means we'd be rid of Victoria Taft on the airwaves..that would be some good gravy.

After all, their side wasn't just defeated. They were humilitated.

Massive loss of seats both on the state and national level. And how about those rightwing ballot measures?

(Yeah, I'm gloating. Today is my gloat today. Tomorrow its back to work)