Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Measure 37 set to fuck up Portland (and the rest of Oregon) in a big way

The City of Portland is getting reamed by Measure 37 claims. Unsuprisingly, the claims aren't from little old ladies trying to subdivide their land. Its from major developers trying to makes shitloads of cash by subverting land use rules and city planning.


Once this whole Measure 37 thing finishes shaking out around the state with most claims having to be settled by allowing people to circumvent land use laws--I'm betting we're going to see a major blowback in the form of lawsuits.

I'm guessing these lawsuits will be against the various cities and counties that allow people to ignore land use laws/regulations AND against the people who filed the claims.

I don't see how developers can go around laws that impact their neighbors without pissing off a lot of people. "Pissed off" in this country is congruent to "lawsuit".