Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Tom would want me to have his award

I'm just sayin

Thomas Jefferson wasn't a tax dodger and as far as I can tell believed that the power to determine taxation belonged solely to the legislatures--and not by ballot measures.

Taxes are the dues we pay for living in this society. I don't think Jefferson felt differently than I do on this one.

Jefferson was a guy who didn't like government having lots of frills..nothing that wasn't absolutely necessary--at least at the federal level. But he was a guy who strongly believed in a strong public education all the way through college. His University of Virginia was the first university to be centered around a library rather than a church. U of V was also the first to expand its academic majors outside of Religion, Law and Medicine.

This is a public university--meaning its run in large part through taxes.

Jefferson wasn't a guy who believed we should do anything and everything to "drown government in the bathtub"--which looks to me like what this dubious "award" is all about.

I'm willing to bet he'd rather have someone who's proud to pay their taxes win an award that bears his name.