Wednesday, January 17, 2007

More on the M37 clusterfuck

Rather than just add an update to the post below, I'm going to pile on top of it in this one because there's enough additional info to make it worthwhile.

First is an excellent piece filed by KATU reporter Melica Johnson:

This clip contains an interview with hardcore M37 backer Larry George, whose father Gary George happens to be the Hines' State Senator. Laurel mentioned to me during our interview that Gary George was extremely argumentative over the phone when they tried to talk with him about Measure 37 and the potential problems (our follow ups have included the word "asshole" to describe Gary).

So much for constituent relations, eh Gary? If my State Senator was more worried about humping his ideology rather than going to bat for me when I needed him, I'd be working double time to make sure his sorry ass was out of office at the next opportunity. Looks like Gary George might be sowing that same kind of karma.

Two more KATU stories on this are on Brian Hines blog here.

Earlier today, TJ and I were discussing this issue. TJ wondered aloud if Brian and Laurel will have their own Measure 37 claim if this development is allowed to go forward. After all, if their well dries up their land is certainly devalued. It would be a government regulation that put their land in the position of being worth less money.

And the ripple clusterfuck marches on.