Wednesday, January 17, 2007

OR House votes for an annual session dry run

The Oregon House's move from Republican to Democratic control is paying off for those who like to see legislators getting stuff done rather than piddle around. Or more accurately,rather than getting stuff done and then have it languish on Karen Minnis' desk.

Resolution SCR 1 places strict deadlines on legislative business and sets up a special one-month legislative session to be held in February of 2008. SCR 1 passed in the House today by a 46-11 vote, signaling an end to the bullshit we witnessed in the previous regular session by Oregon Republicans running the House.

The annual session proposal has its bellicose detractors, who argue for the sake of arguing and little more. We need annual sessions. Our population is too large and our budgeting and issues are too significant to try to address them all in bi-annual sessions.

To make annual sessions permanent, Oregonians will have to vote to change the state consitution--not an easy task given the hand-wringing crap we're likely to hear from the well funded righty whackjob set. Nevertheless, it needs to happen.