Sunday, January 21, 2007

Spanning the State--English Only Edition

In what can only be an effort to prove that Oregonians correctly took Republicans out of power in the House, a group of Republican House members from Yamhill County and elsewhere are sponsoring House Bill 2459 which would make English the official language of Oregon.

Business is booming in Ashland.

The Canadian Geese population is overwhelming Bend. A plan is in the works to feed the geese bread laced with nicarbazin, an anti-microbial compound which will render the geese sterile. The idea isn't to kill the entire geese population, but to lower the population which is estimated at 700-800.

The mayor of Brookings is playing defense against charges of incompetence and corruption by Shannon Egeland, a developer.

Mike Keiser, developer of Bandon Dunes Golf Course, is buying up more land south of Bandon. Keiser has purchased over 500 acres, some of which may be for later development. But Keiser is also planning to conserve at least some of the land in its natural state.

The proposal for a new WalMart in the Cottage Grove area is dividing local residents.

Will Lane County switch to publically financed elections? The Lane County League of Women Voters considered the "Clean Money" alternative to holding elections last week at a local workshop.

The paper of record in Madras has a wonderful editorial praising the local high school sports efforts...smallest program makes good and all that. Nice stuff.