Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The cops call Carla and noone really knows why

While checking email yesterday during my lunch, I received an email from Tom Cox asking if he could call me. I consented and emailed him my cell phone number.

My lunch ended and I got into my car to drive off to work when my cell rings.

And it isn't Tom Cox. Its the Hillsboro Police Department.

I'm guessing Cox contacted them because I was sent a copy of a check from Cox's account written to the Libertarian Party of Oregon.

Only I don't quite know what the cops actually wanted to know.

The officer asked me if I was sent a copy of Tom's check. I told him that I had. Then he warned me about identity theft and said he wanted to make sure that I had no plans of using the information on the check for any purposes. I said that I didn't. I then told him that I couldn't tell him my source because that would be unethical--which he didn't seem to care about at all.

Now I can certainly understand why Tom would be concerned about a stranger (me) having a copy of his check. He doesn't know me and doesn't know if I'm a nefarious person. But it would have been kinda nice to have a warning that he was giving my cell phone number to the cops......