Sunday, February 25, 2007

Spanning the State--O'Loughlin screws me Edition

Yesterday I schlepped myself out to the Portland Home and Garden Show out at the Expo Center. I love this kind of crap. But getting there this year was a monumental pain in the ass. I took the Hayden Island exit, thinking that if the Expo Center parking lot was full--surely they'd have a sign at the bottom of the ramp. But noooooooo..I drive in crawling traffic all the way there to find out that the lot is full. And if I want to actually go to the Show I have to drive all the way out again and over to Portland Meadows to park and THEN ride a school bus back to the Expo Center. And then I get to let them ream me for admission: $10!

So the lesson here? Take MAX. It will still cost you $10 to get in, but at least you'll get there.

And now, let's Span the State!


I don't know pay much attention to local TV news so I have no idea which of the channels is the most successful. But this morning I noticed that Channel 8 has a new promotion for their morning programming. The Great Crate Countdown is apparently designed to get viewers excited about KGW's morning news show, by promising to open the crate on Tuesday to reveal the show's newest addition. Is it just me--or is this really goofy?

Bend's city councilers are frustrated that city facilities aren't up to ADA standards. Not that the Bush Administration will work to enforce, but jeez.

Baker City is trying to decide whether or not to build a new middle school, and it seems to be causing some serious town consternation.

Is the Polk County newspaper nothing more than a propaganda sheet for Oregon House Republicans?

The editor at the Mac News Register seems to be carefully scrutinizing the Oregon legislature. I'm particularly enamored of his smackdown of those who would keep the corporate kicker intact.

Another stupid assed recall petition in rural Oregon is rebuffed.

Next time you're planning a luxurious vacation with top shelf amenities, think....Silverton?