Friday, February 23, 2007

In other news, Victoria Taft still a blowharding buffoon

Yesterday's tome excoriating Victoria Taft for her accusations against Portland Public Schools has a followup.

The Merc's Scott Moore emailed us yesterday to let us know he was on the trail of this story as well--and was in contact with PPS to get down to the bottom of it.

And so he has:

The email, titled "Monday Rally for schools attracts 1,000+ from Portland, 6 School Board members," was sent by Sarah Carlin Ames, the communications person for PPS. She explained to me--in a lengthy email and voice message (thanks, Sarah)--that this was sent on her day off, but even if she'd sent it from work, it was in no way illegal.

State law prevents public employees from engaging in "political campaigning"--but "the law is very clear that public employees' work time (and public resources) may not be used to advocate for or against a ballot measure or candidate," she wrote. "This was neither--a rally to advocate for funding from the Legislature. Clearly entirely legal, if you check the election law."

Taft really ought to be fired. She's irresponsible and apparently without scruples. But then she is a rightwing radio talk show host. That is their bread and butter. Not that its boosting Taft's ratings.