Monday, February 26, 2007

[Updated]The two faces of Tom Cox

[Following up on the information below, I spoke a few minutes ago with Richard Burke of the Libertarian Party of Oregon. Burke said that anyone can become a member of the Libertarian Party of Oregon AND be a registered member of another political party. All one need do is pay the appropriate dues and subscribe to the LP's "non-aggression" statement.

The LP is currently transitioning to a representative system to elect their officers. Much like the Dem Party, the LP has county representatives elected by their locality who select their elected party offices. In addition, state party officers also have a vote in the party office elections. Rank and file dues payers to the LP don't have a direct vote in these elections.

However, Burke said that dues paying members may vote for platform resolutions, endorsements, the amendment of the LP Constitution and positions on the Judicial Committee (which settles disputes over party documents).

This process certainly keeps the officer elections from being hijacked, but it still seems odd that these dual members can have such a strong voice in the party infrastructure.]

As the Libertarian Party of Oregon gears up for its convention in Sunriver, it looks like former member and perennial candidate Tom Cox plans to join the fray.

This weekend LO received a tip that Cox, who switched from the LP to the GOP in 2005, will be attending the Libertarian Party of Oregon Convention held March 9-11 in Sunriver. The tip came complete with a copy of a $295 check from Cox to the LP (which I won't be posting here--it contains a ton of Cox's personal information).

So is Tom Cox switching back to the LP?

This comes on the heels of the Libertarian Party's public squabbles over money and power.

I called Cox this morning to verify his attendance. Cox said that he plans to attend the event with his family but has no intention of switching back to his former party affiliation. He did note that he is a dues paying member of the organization, however. As a member, Cox says he has voting rights for party officers and plans to cast his vote along with the other dues paying members.

In addition, Cox made clear that he maintains an amicable relationship with current LP Executive Director Richard Burke. Burke is neck deep in the squabbles and subsequent court issues with the organization.

I asked Cox who he plans to vote for but he says that he doesn't know who is up for election yet.

So Cox is a card carrying member of the Oregon Republican Party but a dues paying member of the Oregon Libertarian Party.

Seem weird to anyone else?