Tuesday, February 06, 2007

LO on Radio: KPOJ, KIRO Get The Torridjoe Treatment

Now that we have saturated and begun to dominate the Oregon-political-dual-gendered-liberal-but-fair-investigative-and-advocacy blog market, Loaded Orygun is branching out. No longer can you hold us in check simply by refusing to turn on your computer; we are spreading the smart-snark virus through any host body we can infiltrate, and radio programmers appear highly susceptible to our charms.

While Air America continues to muddle its way through bankruptcies, firings and now the departure of flagship host Al Franken, Portland's KPOJ outlet remains one of the standard bearers of the progressive talk movement, featuring our own Thom Hartmann not only with a national show (that will replace Franken's and appear in over 85 markets) but also a local version from 6AM to 9AM Pacific time.

If you're not awake or are busy working at that time, fret not--that link I just gave you supplies the prospective e-listener with nine months of archived "POJcasts" that you can hear at your leisure. However, we first would like to direct you to the show for last Thursday, which you can either listen to directly or download for later, about the legislators who will be helping to decide the future of Measure 37 while holding pending claims of their own or of their families. It's a nice little 10-minute segment, starting at around 37:00 of the podcast. (If you make it all the way to the end of my time, you'll find out the shocking and disgusting truth* about where I went AFTER doing Hartmann.)

We'll likely be doing Thom's show again; it's simply a matter of us finding another good story and then fitting the visit into his schedule. I'll try to do a better job of alerting readers to an impending appearance, perhaps opting to tell people about it before it airs.

On a more regular and extended basis however, we're proud to say that we've made a deal with KIRO-Seattle's Goldy, Horse's Ass founder and a multimedial mogul in his own right, to appear on the second Saturday of each month at 9pm. This Saturday being the second one in February, that means I'll** be on...this Saturday! There's no set agenda for the hour at this point; we'll talk about whatever seems interesting to the mostly-Washingtonian crowd. But even if you're not within antenna range of KIRO's tower, you can still listen live or catch the podcast later You have to sign up with the station's website to get podcasts, but I have an alternate source that I can pull just 'our' hour from, and if you're real nice and email us afterward, we might just send you a copy.

Loaded Orygun: permeating the crevices of your consciousness like roach foam, since 2006. :)

*For those who made it to the end: OK, so it's not truth. What are you, high? Do you really think that's actually what I did Thursday night? Hell no--I'm just all about the cheap laugh.

**Carla did one spot with Thom and one with Goldy, and has summarily ceded the broadcast-based stuff to me. So if you're hoping to actually hear her say "moronic fucktard" instead of just writing it, sorry. (Although a soundboard of Carla's Sailor Swears would be a fun thing to add to the site, wouldn't it?