Tuesday, February 06, 2007

M37 backers need a chill pill. Or prozac. Or both.

Its curious to me how the faux "property-right" folks who bombastically claim that the mean old guv and his eeeeeevil lefty legislators are trying to expunge Measure 37 reconcile themselves. It reminds me a lot of the way Bush tried to sell the Iraq invasion to the American populace: fear and truthiness.

To wit:

The culprit is called SB 505. NOTE: We could not find a link to the actual bill.


This is a flat out suspension. No matter how Ted Kulongoski wants to spin this, but just like we told you that the Democratic committee leadership was going to ramrod this and were correct, we are telling you that this is a suspension. I mean think about it... unFairness committee chair Floyd Prozanski is an admitted opponent of M37 and would like it to go away. Governor Ted Kulongoski is an admitted opponent of M37 and would like it repealed. Do you really... I mean really, think that this is anything less than a suspension and will, if they get their way, result in anything less than an out and out repeal of one of the most popular citizen initiatives of all time?

Take a prozac, Ted.

First of all, Here is Senate Bill 505. Online. PDF file.

That wasn't so hard, was it?

Does anyone in their RIGHT MIND think that this bill suspends Measure 37? It quite clearly allows the one single family dwellings and land divisions for purposes of building those dwellings to go forward unimpeded.

What the legislature is attempting to do is put the brakes on the hundreds upon hundreds of claims for major development to give counties reasonable time to assess the claims and make reasonable decisions about them.

The Dems came up with a resolution in SB505 that works with the DEMOCRATIC LEGISLATURE and the DEMOCRATIC GOVERNOR that the people of this state overwhelmingly elected to office in November.

I think Measure 37 is a piece of crap law that has consequences that voters never intended. So do a lot of Oregonians who voted for it.

If the Republican Party and the conservatives of this state want to continue to remain out of touch with rank and file Oregonians, be my guest. But if you guys ever want to win a statewide election (and this means Gordon Smith, too--anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows he's in a heap shit of electoral trouble) you'll stop bellyaching and get real about Measure 37.

Its overwhelming public resources and its screwing with land use laws in a way that the voters didn't intend.