Thursday, February 01, 2007

Torrid's Son Freakin' Rocks

[Apologies to IE users--beyond the usual apology necessary to anyone still using such a sucktastic browswer--who saw formatting gobbledygook in an earlier version of this post. I copied it directly from the Word document Joe used to type it, and in Firefox it looked fine. Word--another Microsoft product. Pffffft...]

Unprompted and unassisted, this is the letter Little Joe put in the mailbox tonight:

Dear Mr. President,

My Name is [Little Joe]. I live in Portland, Oregon.I am 9 years old and I would like to talk about your plan to send more troops to Iraq.

I think that it is wrong. It is wrong because if we send more they will eventually die and we will have to pay more money for more troops and tanks.

Thank you for reading my letter you are doing a wonderful job as president


[Little Joe]