Sunday, February 04, 2007

Spanning the State--Superbowl Mammals Edition

Its Superbowl Sunday and here at Casa Carla we'll be watching the big game. I'm not emotionally vested in either team so I have neither a Bear or a Colt in this hunt. Although I do like the idea of Peyton Manning picking apart the much vaunted Bears defense. I've been of the opinion that the Bears D reputation has been heavily massaged by the commentators and pro-Bears sports writers. Either way, they play the game and we'll find out.

But before we blow our New Years Resolution by scarfing down nacho chips and hoagies, lets Span the State!


It's witch tit cold in Meacham. Given that I grew up on the east side of the Cascades, I'm familiar with this mini-burg. But if you're not, check them out.

Its been a rough winter for Benton County and it might be getting worse. The county is seeking relief from FEMA to the tune of $600k to recover from storms in December and January. Hopefully the county will come out of its FEMA experience better than other places in the US.

As I mine tidbits for this weekly rundown of happenings around the state, I'm surprised at how often I find consternation in the city government of Burns. At least they get consistency points.

The liberal media might be alive and well somewhere in Oregon, but not at the Bend Bulletin. Apparently the editorial decisions at the Bulletin go in the opposite direction. And it would seem this periodical does as well.

The City of Salem is considering requiring developers to meet with neighborhood associations when submitting applications to the city for development.

Prineville is having a lot of trouble finding new water sources. They've paid professionals to dig new wells, only to have the wells come up dry.

If you live on a paved street close to the Portland airport, maybe someone will land their teeny aircraft next to your house, too.

Senator Wyden is traveling around the state to promote his Healthy Americans Act. The folks in Madras recently weighed in on the plan.