Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Dorchester Photos--lower your expectations

I get the feeling that most LO readers are expecting me to post Republican porn (aka large bags of cash passing from one hand to the other)--but unfortunately I'm just not that great a photographer. So you'll have to settle for the bits and pieces of lousy pictures I managed to snap.

Friday night found me at a Gordon Smith meet and greet, where my camera battery was low and the flash wouldn't work correctly. He did a pretty good job of working the room--anyone who wanted to talk to him could certainly get at least a few minutes.

This is Vance Day, head of the Oregon Republican Party. He and I had a fairly lengthy chat on Saturday afternoon-but this was taken at a breakfast he held on Saturday morning. I was the spy who ate yogurt, basically. There was a little bit of strategy talk discussed in my presence, which honestly surprised me.

This fella is Jason Williams of Taxpayer Association of Oregon and Oregon Catalyst. Jason and I probably agree politically on almost nothing, but he was very nice to me at the event and went out of his way to be helpful. In case you're reading this Jason--I appreciated that very much.

Ted Piccolo is this man in the black cowboy hat and red shirt. He's also known as Coyote, the main blogmeister for NW Republican blog. This is the only photo of him that he said I could it is.

The Freedomworks Party from Saturday night....the man on the far left right is from KXL--works for Lars Larson, poor bastard. There's not enough money in the world to have to put up with THAT. The man to his right is State Senator Larry George. I think the fellow to George's right is Shaun from Vance Day's office (I'm guessing--not sure) and the woman on the end is Amy Lynn--who used to work for Karen Minnis. She and I had a fascinating chat on Saturday afternoon about campaigns and politics.

Unfortunately, this photo is really dark--but that's Represenative Linda Flores (R-Clackamas) dancing. If I'd had a video camera I probably could have a hot one for YouTube, as she has a real gift for the bump and grind. This woman knows how to shake it.

And finally, the College Republicans. Who turned out for the most part to be conservative Democrats, from those I spoke with. Many grew up in locations where its frowned upon to have that "D" next to your name, so they self-identify as Republicans.