Tuesday, March 20, 2007

How to find the pricks in a crowd of 10,000

[Editorial note--a full photo album of the effigy and flag burning pictures can be located here...]

Whether this bullshit is rightwing agent provocateur crap by righty blowhards trying to taint the peace march or a bunch of showboating anarchists trying to piggyback, here's my message: FUCK YOU.

Anybody who would burn a soldier in effigy is an asshole of the highest order. The fact that you would use a peaceful, nonviolent demonstration to draw attention to how fucking disgusting you are only emphasizes my point.

I hate everything you stand for. You make me sick to my stomach with your lack of shame and scruples. You are invertebrate scum whose moral compasses are just short of bone dry.

Crawl back under your rocks and do what you do best...bitch about the world and how bad everything is..and then do absolutely nothing to fix it. Whiny scumbag crybabies..all of you.

Update, 3/23 3:30pm--
Welcome little green footballers, coming from the comments of a story there on this unverified account of another gross moment from the march, by the P-Trib. Feel free to comment. You can't be any worse than our homegrown trolls!