Saturday, March 17, 2007

Spanning the State--BITCH Edition

I'm twitterpated with excitement to discover that my namesake periodical has relocated to Portland. I'm just certain they'll be calling me at any moment because they need a shrill liberal to add depth and local purpose to their efforts.

But whilst we wait for that hell to freeze over, let's Span the State!


The criteria to be an editorial writer for the Capital Press Weekly appears to be blame everybody but the people responsible when it comes to Measure 37. First, they blame the legislature for having land use laws. Then they blame the legislature for not having an instant fix for Measure 37--while awknowledging that the Measure itself is full of "unintended consequences". Plus its the legislature's fault that the courts are having to tackle the mess. Not once does the piece place blame on the shoulders of those who duped the public into this travesty.

Police are expecting 15-20,000 anti-Iraq War protestors in downtown Portland this afternoon.

Hundreds of war protestors from southern Oregon held a gathering on Saturday in Medford.

Logging operations on 72,000 acres of federal land have come to a halt due to a court challenge to the US Fish and Wildlife/BLM biological opinion allowing the killing of Spotted Owls.

Oregon's talented and gifted students are looking to the legislature to restore funding to programs that buffet them in school.

Ontario Republican Tom Butler is telling his home town paper that it sucks to be in the minority.

Renewable wind energy is making its way to Burns.

Prineville is grappling with a major surge in growth while trying to cleave to their small town roots. They're also struggling with some "squeaky wheel" residents who are unwilling to come to terms with the pending growth.

Residents of Eugene are investigating charges of racism against members of the community by members of Roosevelt High School.

Update by TJ, 10pm--
Just to clarify, the racism being alleged was on the part of the Eugene community when the Roosevelt team from North Portland travelled there for the state tournament. The charges are that the Eugene residents and/or other schools' members were displaying racist behavior--not the kids from Roosevelt.