Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Handling the truth..finally.

In what is certain to bring scorn and derision from the anti-choice/pro misinformation set, Senate Democrats are putting up legislation that will finally place government oversight on so-called "crisis pregnancy centers". These centers abuse the personal information of young, vulnerable women and give misleading and deceptive information.

Senate Bill 776 is a heroic bill for women and it's about damn time.

TJ's update, noon--

Here is an example of exactly what Carla is talking about--misinformation:
Last year, Oregonians voted against [Measure 43, parental notification] by a 54-46 percentage margin after Planned Parenthood outspent pro-life advocates 3-1 and flooded the airwaves with a misleading television commercial.

But, thanks to efforts from Oregon Right to Life and crisis pregnancy centers, abortions in Oregon are down to their lowest levels since 1998, having decreased 20 percent between then and 2004, the latest year from which state data is available. [emph mine]
Bullshit! Thanks to their efforts, says who? Comprehensive sex education and low-cost contraception is responsible for the drop, not some right to life group and CPCs. There is no evidence to substantiate their claim, and plenty of other evidence that refutes it. But then again, OR-RTL is the group that calls saving a child via fetal brain stem cells "taking brains from babies," so what do you expect? Does it get any more misinforming than that?