Friday, March 09, 2007

A teapot of tempests

It could just be that the rain has crankened me up, but as I've been surfing the internets this afternoon--I've been reading local newsy shit that strikes me as unsufferably petty.

First, some dorked-out Fresno columnist tries to snap Merc reporter Scott Moore for calling Fresno a "sprawling mess of a place--for decades, urban planning has been not just ignored, but actively and viciously opposed. The results: Rows of identical tract homes stretch on for miles and miles, seemingly without end, and 'open spaces' are considered eyesores that simply haven't yet been developed."

The columnist got his back up over Moore's comments. Except that anyone who has ever been to Fresno knows its a festering expansion of tract housing, strip malls and other symptoms of ignoring land use planning. If you like that sort of thing--by all means, Fresno is your town (or you could move to Boise--same shit, different state). But Moore's description is right on target. Embrace what you are, Fresno columnist man.

Willamette Week stirs the pot using Dan Meek as the spoon. Meek is pissed because the Secretary of States office won't print new voter registration cards adding the newly minted Independent Party, because there are still a crapload of registration cards out there and it would cost the state $40k to scrap them. Further, anyone that wants to can write "Independent Party" in the "other" section of the registration cards. Meek is also pissed that the online version hasn't changed--which Bradbury's office says needs to be translated to Spanish in order to complete the change. Here I think Meek has a point--it shouldn't take 5+ weeks to get a Spanish translation. But either way, a person can still register as an Independent on the website. This is all such petty BS. On both sides.

And finally, the fact that gay rights activists still don't have equal rights in Oregon and certain asswipes are going to work to make sure gays and lesbians remain second class citizens. That's the pettiest and meanest crap I've seen yet.