Thursday, March 08, 2007

Breaking: House votes to pass Rainy Day Fund..Senate holds State hostage

Its been a helluva day down in Salem. The House finally passed a Rainy Day Fund/Corporate Kicker bill--the version which was essentially what the House Dems brought to the table originally--but then rebuffed. And its clear they've been stalling.

First we find out that the House Republicans didn't negotiate in good faith on the Rainy Day Fund--because its clear the Senate Republicans aren't on board. At least that's what Senate Minority Leader Ted Ferrioli has been claiming.

This comes on the heels of last week's House Republican canoodling with Freedomworks, (who appear to be getting their marching orders from interests outside of Oregon) dishonestly negotiating with House Democrats on this Rainy Day Fund issue.

Then the House D's and R's negotiated a lesser deal this morning, eliminating the Corporate Minimum Tax part of the bill. It was reported that the CMT was tied together with the Corporate Kicker suspension, but sources tell me that's untrue and was never a part of the negotiations. This was used as an excuse by the GOP to bail--rather than come to the table for honest discourse on the topic.

Now we're hearing that the Senate Republicans are walking out--refusing to allow a quorum so that the bill can get a first reading. Its now their turn to stall.

Oregonians are being held hostage by obstructionist Republicans who are standing in the way of good policy that Oregonians want.

More to come..we'll keep you posted.