Friday, March 09, 2007

Kevin Mannix's dirty little secret seems Kevin Mannix has been a busy boy.

Super sleuth blogger Hart Williams (who has done phemonenal work at his other blog uncovering Howard Rich's efforts to undermine the will of voters around the country) has now set his sights on Freedomworks.

According to Hart, former GOP guv candidate Kevin Mannix is Freedomworks' highest paid consultant. And not the local chapter. The national organization paid Mannix $200,089 in 2005.

Oddly, Oregon seems to be the only state to have a Freedomworks consultant that rakes in this kind of dough. One wonders how Russ Walker feels about this exhorbidant salary--I'd be stunned if he's pulling in that kind of scratch while working under the Freedomworks umbrella.

Becky has more over at Preemptive Karma. Specifically in reference to Mannix's transformation from champion of the little guy to money grubbing asshole whose willing to sell out his state for a hefty salary.