Sunday, March 11, 2007

Spanning the State--DST Edition

Yeah, we lost an hour last night. But I noticed on Friday that the forsythia near Forest Grove are blooming out and some of the flowering trees on my block are starting to flower. Spring is springing.....

So let's Span the State!

::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::gong::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::: has relocated to Redmond from Kirkland, Washington.

The folks in Brookings are seeing their schools teeter on the edge of trouble. Not only are their public schools seeing a decline in enrollment and funds, their charter school is may close for lack of students as well. Given the way conservatives get so upset about government waste, its curious to me that I've heard no complaints from them about the wastefulness of government funding two schools in such a tiny community.

In other news, its wet at the Oregon Coast.

It looks like the citizens of Lane County are going to get to decide whether or not to dismantle their county government.

Measure 37 is about to bless Oregonians with a a couple of exceptionally heinous eyesores.

A Sonoma State University professor claimed in a speech at Eastern Oregon University that the 2004 Presidential election was hijacked and that John Kerry was the winner.

A schitzophrenic McMinnville News Register excoriates the feds for gleefully handling out entitlements to the point of bankrupting the country while complaining in the next breath that the feds need to be forthcoming with timber payments.

Meredith Wood-Smith is new chair of the Oregon Democratic Party.