Sunday, March 11, 2007

Deport Gordon Smith!--And No, That's Not Us Saying It

The domain has been around for almost a year now, but it wasn't until I saw the link at that I found myself visiting, the protest website dedicating itself to a Republican primary challenge at best, general election sit-out at worst. Far from being the brainchild of some liberal tree hugger living in his sterile Pearl condo and cranking out clever web media hit pieces, we know this one comes from Republicans because it's sloppy, poorly updated, and shows a mastery of web design similar to mine--but of course I'm not out there building and putting my name on half-assed websites, am I?

The angle on their beef with Smith is obviously not that he's a faux moderate, but that he's a faux conservative. In particular, they're not real fond of his Gordo el Foldo on immigration reform:
Our intention is to collect the names of Oregon citizens who have been irreparably offended by Senator Smith’s vote in favor of S. 2611 and clear support of an Amnesty for Criminal Aliens that they would never vote for Senator Smith again. Just before the 2008 election, we will contact you by email or phone to remind you of your mind set.
Nothing more emblematic of conservative messaging tactics than the phrase "to remind you of your mindset," is there? Me, I'm usually pretty well informed on my mindset without reminders, but maybe I'm funny that way.

The site encourages adherents to take the pledge never to vote for Smith again, and the names are displayed. They've got about 400 listed, which actually isn't all that bad. If one uses the standard 50 likeminded people for every public testifier, that's 20,000 people planning on punishing Smith apparently on the basis of his immigration policy.

If you dispute that Smith is vulnerable in 2008 because of rejection by liberals and independents, stop and think about the votes he's bleeding from the right before you decide he's got a path to victory.