Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Iraq Bill Goes to House Floor Next Tuesday; Satan's Bill Gets 1st Reading

Two brief housekeeping notes: first and most importantly, I have been notified by the Speaker's Office that HJM 9, the Iraq anti-escalation and withdrawal memorial, will see floor debate on Tuesday, March 20th. If you've got a sharp memory, you'll note that the 20th will be the 4th anniversary of this cruel and illegal invasion, so it's a happy confluence of timing that the bill will get its due in the House on that day. There is a big showing expected in Colorado's legislature while they take up a similar bill; if you're thinking of going to Salem to show your support for the bill, maybe you should get there early.

In other, sillier news, I ran across a bill that dropped late last month and is currently sitting in the Judiciary Committee's hopper--Senate Bill 666. Oooh, Satan! Well, actually I don't believe in such things, but it's amusing to see who the sponsor is--Larry George, son of cracksmokin' Senator Gary George--and that it was carried on behalf of our good friend Russ Walker at Freedomworks. The bill itself is actually rather interesting; it would ban attorney contingency fees that amount to more than $500 per hour for services rendered. Not sure what I think of it--at first glance it seems reasonable--but of course all that discussion would take away from the sheer amusement of demonizing George and Walker in this way, wouldn't it? As a final note, I guess that makes this bill "the neighbor of the beast."