Friday, May 11, 2007

Digital Politics--Calling all progressive bloggers

In case you haven't heard by now--LoadedO (along with a little thing called The Bus Project and a little thing called The Portland Mercury) have whipped together a project called Digital Politics--More Than Meets The Eye.

The specs:

What: Digital Politics Forum--More Than Meets The Eye
Who: Progressive wunderkind David Sirota, BlueO's Kari Chisholm, The Merc's own Amy Ruiz, Anna Galland of and Grand Poobah of Washington State blogging, David Goldstein--fielding questions and discussing issues surrounding the ways that the netroots can and does transform politics.
Where: Acme Pub, Portland
When:7PM is the official start time. But I plan to show up by 5:30 and have some food--so feel free to make an early entrance and join me.

Most importantly--Why:An opportunity for local progressive bloggers and others who use technology to understand and promote politics to come together--have some social time and make their voices heard about how the netroots can continue to be a force for change in Oregon.

On a personal note, I'd really love to see oodles of the local progressive blogging community show up. Selfishly, I want a chance to meet and chat with the peeps that are keeping Oregon this lovely shade of GOP-frustrated blue.

Make plans now to be there.