Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fear and Loathing at the Capitol

For almost a week now, I've been leaving phone messages for Senator Larry George (R-Sherwood).

Starting last Friday, I called Senator George at his office in Salem, his office in Sherwood and a phone number that I have for one of his aides. With the exception of the weekend, I've left a message at each of those numbers every day (except yesterday) in an effort to reach him.

Now I realize that I'm merely a lowly blogger hacking away toward the bottom of the totem pole of priorities--but seriously, how many messages are required in order to get this guy to call me back? What's the problem?

On Tuesday, one of his aides did call me with the promise that George would return my call on Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday. So I kept my phone with me, making sure I could speak to Senator George when he dialed me up as his aide said he would.


So what's the deal? Is Larry George just so important and busy that he can't take 10 minutes out if his day to return a phone call? Somehow I doubt it. The only reason that makes any sense at all is that George is worried about having to talk to me. Which begs the question--what does he have to hide?

C'mon Larry--you have my phone number. Stop being a big chicken and call me. It won't hurt....much.