Sunday, May 06, 2007

Spanning the State--Giusto Edition

I'm one of those individuals who sports an overdeveloped sense of justice. In other words, it really irritates me to the core when people in positions of power abuse their authority. This looks an awful lot like it might be the irritant of the week.

What an idiot.

Ah some point the clouds are supposed to give way today and maybe allow the sun to peek through, so the day isn't a total loss. So while I prepare to head out for my garden, let's Span the State!


Nike is stepping out of its regular zone of donating to athletic programs. The shoe giant is handing $400k to Beaverton School District for leadership and academic programs.

Another irritating and annoying recall is underway, this time in Gold Beach.

Canby is experiencing growing pains. So much so that decisions on traffic routes even merit an editorial in the local paper.

The tall ships are set to dock in Coos Bay this week. One of the ships was seen in "Pirates of the Carribbean: Legend of the Black Pearl. The ships will be available for group sailing events during their stay.

This week's Eugene Weekly points to some great investigative reporting showing that the Bush Administration goes hard after "eco-terror" while letting thousands of white collar crimes go unpunished.

Val Hess, writer of this Hillsboro Argus editorial is one of the last holdovers for Bush. Rarely have I seen so many GOP talking points outside of the Opinion Journal or Drudge.

Several former and current Yamhill County Jail inmates were caught last week trying to smuggle in chewing tobacco via a prosthetic leg.

The closing of libraries in Jackson County is shameful--and a major loss to the communities.

A 9 year old boy in Albany went to the doctor with an earache, only to have the doctor discover that two spiders were trying to nest in his ear.