Friday, May 04, 2007

M37 Fix Bills Getting House Debate NOW--Oregon Channel

House bills HB3540 & 3546, which are designed to offer a fix of some kind to Measure 37 and present the plan to voters in November 2007, are up for full chamber debate this morning. You can watch the proceedings streaming live via The Oregon Channel's House feed {.ram video file}.

Here's the engrossed text for 3540, which provides a way for folks to realize small scale development while preventing more damaging and widespread uses, and HB3546, which gives localities an extra 360 days to process claims.

Check it out! As I said, I'm mighty pissed that a single Democrat appears to have forced the caucus to wuss out of addressing it themselves, instead sending a very complex bill to the ballot. But it's better than nothing, so I hope it passes. If I heard correctly, four Republicans likely to have voted against the bills--including the delightful Dennis Richardson*--are absent. InDaHouse, however, is off-the-hook-for-now Bushbot Congressman Greg Walden. Guess there's nothing much going on in DC today...?

*Richardson has arrived and is asking questions about the bill.