Friday, May 04, 2007

Main M37 "Fix" Bill Passes House 31-24

About two minutes ago HB3540 passed with all 31 Democrats on board, all Republicans present opposed, and five Republicans (Boquist, Dallum, Lim, Minnis, Scott) not present. They are now debating 3546, which extends the timeline for claims processing another 360 days, which will allow the referral vote to occur in a special election this November.

More detail, including excerpts from the debate and a little analysis, in a bit...

Update, 1pm--
Speaker's statement on passage (now that 3546 has passed as well):
The land use system is one of Oregon’s most significant achievements of the last 50 years. But Oregonians also value fairness and it is in that spirit that they approved Measure 37.

Today, the Oregon House honored that spirit of fairness by sending back to the voters HB 3540, which both clarifies and enhances the rights of ordinary citizens under Measure 37.

As the debate on the House floor made clear, this referral would give two additional rights to landowners who want to build one, two or even three additional houses. First, for those Oregonians, House Bill 3540 removes the Measure 37 requirement for the landowner to show economic damages. Second, this measure expands rights under Measure 37 by allowing a transfer of rights to a surviving spouse or other subsequent owner.

Representative Greg Macpherson and the Joint Land Use Fairness Committee have dedicated hours upon hours to public hearings and negotiations with advocates and legislators on both sides of the issue. He has my sincere thanks for taking on this monumental task and for handling it with such skill.