Sunday, May 13, 2007

Spanning the State--Happy Carla's Day Edition

Mother's Day--Carla's Day--same diff, eh?

For brevity's sake (and so I can get out and do my favorite nursery runs today), let's Span the State!


If you havent't been reading Catapulting Propaganda by Galen, you should be. This piece about GOP ne'er do well Minority Leader Wayne Scott is superb work.

Eugene's conservative stepbrother Springfield is trying to make a name for itself with the Hollywood crowd. Along with other Springfields across the US, Oregon's Springfield is competing for the chance to host the premiere of the Simpson's movie.

Oregon's system of background checks for people who work with children is now under scrutiny. After a man was hired for a nonteaching position at Southridge High School in Beaverton and then subsequently abused a student--it was discovered that he had a history of abusing children.

I spent some time yesterday morning at the Libertarian Party of Oregon's State Committee meeting--held at their office in Beaverton. I've written previously about the contentious situation in the Party--and its still running full steam ahead. I sat through almost 90 minutes of the meeting (which had to have gone on for hours--it took them more than 30 minutes just to approve the previous meeting's minutes). Multnomah County member Renee Kimball loudly ticked off a laundry list of problems that she says are caused by Exec. Director Richard Burke. Burke didn't respond to each allegation in my presence. I don't know if Kimball's allegations are legit--but Burke will undoubtedly have a lengthy and colorful explanation for each and every one of them. (Let the snarky comments commence!)

Folks relying on Google or Mapquest to send them to Canby are causing trouble for local traffic. The web mapping programs are sending cars to the wrong streets.

Meth labs are on the decline in Klamath County.

Another Oregon town is losing a city administrator/manager. Mt. Angel's Gene Miles has resigned after what the local paper calls "a tumultuous four and a half-year run".