Friday, July 13, 2007

Novick Makes the Rounds

For those of you who like tracking Camp Novick as they traipse about Oregon, here's tonight's agenda courtesy of the campaign:

I'll be in Corvallis this eve for a house party hosted by former State Senator and Democratic Leader Cliff Trow, then in Astoria Sunday for a Democratic ice cream social. cream....

Steve also clued us in on some upcoming media:

Listen closely to NPR next week - they're doing a profile of Gordon Smith, and Colin Fogarty interviewed me yesterday; hopefully they'll use some of it, and we'll get some national exposure.

NPR is doing a profile of Gordon Smith? Will they be the first mainstream media outlet to do the reporting of Smith incahoots with the White House in circumventing the law in the Klamath Basin? Will we get actual--REAL--news and not just some fluff piece about frozen fries and Prell hair?

(fingers crossed)

TJ's Update, 11pm--
Thought it might be useful to include this Reg-Guard profile of Novick out on the hustings in his hometown of Cottage Grove.
"It really is a grassroots, populous campaign at this point," said Jake Weigler, Novick's campaign manager. "At this point it's really about connecting with voters - not only getting to know them, but allowing them to actually engage him."

Novick said he's been encouraged by the response he's received so far, both from media coverage and Oregon voters. The Portland resident plans to continue traveling across the state in the coming months, speaking at intimate gatherings and events as he did Thursday, when about 20 people turned out.

While he's started small in the early stages of his campaign, he said his basic strategy of "just telling the truth" and connecting with voters will continue through the primary in May 2008.