Saturday, May 06, 2006

She doesn't play hurt

My intention for today was to do my gardening this morning and blog this afternoon. I had a big dumptruck load of mulch delivered on Friday afternoon. I needed to get my flowerbeds weeded and the mulch spread before the end of the weekend.

So I'm out in the flowerbed next to the house crouched down, yanking out the pesky red clover that tends to build up over there. I stand up to reach out for the weed bucket and THWAP! I rapped my skull full force into the corner of the garden window and cracked my head open.

I have a small laceration on my head which wouldn't stop bleeding for 3+ hrs. So I hauled my cookies to the local Emergi-Care in order for a professional to take a look. 2 hours and 2 stitches later I'm finally back home. I've got a fat goose egg on my skull and some vicodin.

Hence there is a dearth of blogging from me today.

I'm guessing TJ is hanging with his clan, too.