Monday, June 05, 2006

Boyles: the gift that keeps on giving

I'd like to extend my personal thanks to Emile Boyles for giving the blogosphere the kind of red meat we exist on: politicians who engage in rank stupidity, underhanded dealings and poor media management. Its a dream come true for those of us wonky enough to pay attention.

Boyles just can't lose gracefully. And while she lays claim to its time to move on, her whacky, what-kind-of-meds-is-this-woman-taking style screams for more media attention:

Notice to the Media:

Thank you for once again giving us first notice as to government actions regarding the Emilie Boyles for Portland City Commission campaign. We have not received notice as of yet.

When we receive notice, will act accordingly.

Okay, subtract the double negative. Is this supposed to be a slap at the media or the Portland City Council? Or both? And why not just ignore media requests for comment until she gets the official notice and then speak through a professional press person? Jeez. You'd think she'd have learned that much by now.

And then there's this ripe little comment:

"It is now time to move beyond the campaign and focus on the ongoing issues that threaten the well-being of Portland's lower class.."

Yes, she mean's the lower socio economic group in Portland. But this vernacualar just sounds so...bad.