Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Breaking: Hillsboro unanimously passes anti-discrimination law

Out in Washington County, the City of Hillsboro does the right thing.

Basic Rights Oregon:

The City of Hillsboro Tuesday evening nanimously approved a city-wide ban on discrimination in housing, employment, public accommodation on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity after hearing public testimony from faith leaders, business owners and the GLBT community in support of the legislation. The preliminary vote followed months of work by the Washington County Basic Rights Action Team to lobby the Hillsboro city council and build community support for the new law. Final approval is expected in the next two weeks.

In enacting this law, the City of Hillsboro has joined two Oregon counties and eight cities that have enacted similar laws: Multnomah County, Benton County, Salem, Portland, Beaverton, Bend, Ashland, Lake Oswego, Eugene and Lincoln City.

In a statement released to media after the vote, Basic Rights Oregon Interim Executive Director Frank Dixon said, ''With this vote Hillsboro has affirmed that our communities are strengthened when each of our citizens are treated fairly under the law no matter where they work, live or travel."

Basic Rights Oregon is particularly grateful for the tremendous leadership of Mayor Tom Hughes and City Councilor Ed Dennis whose commitment to equality made this vote possible.

Credit is also due to the tireless work Washington County Basic Rights Action Team activists Mark Lee, Monte Rehling, Michael Sandmeyer, Jim Maguire, Leslea Smith and Teri Noble whose initiative, committment and passion prove that change can happen at every level when people come together.

Thank you Hillsboro and Congratulations to the Washington County Basic Rights Action Team!

Unfortunately our state legislature hasn't managed to pass such a law. So BRO has taken it upon themselves to go city by city, county by county to get anti-discrimination laws passed.

Congratulations Hillsboro. You are an example to every burg in America.