Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Dalto Update--Your Scurrilous Attack Is My Political Strategy

Over at Blue Oregon, Kari has a related update on the rising muck accumulating around Billy Dalto's waist:
You see, Brian [Clem, Dalto's opponent] is married to Carol Suzuki, who happens to be a staffer in the Senate Democrats office. Billy and the GOP Gang have demanded all the personnel records for Carol, looking for dirt, which they won't find. {PDF, 29k} Carol is an apolitical operations staffer who is respected and beloved by members of both parties. She's worked there for years; since way before she and Brian met.

Carol just doesn't deserve to be dragged into the mud by Billy Dalto.

Now, you might recall that last week, the blog Loaded Orygun broke a story all about Representative Dalto hiring his mother on as a legislative staffer - paying her $3500/month for part-time work. You might even just chalk this up to some of the usual political tit-for-tat that sometimes goes on.

But take a look at the letter (PDF) from "Majority 2006"... it's dated Thursday, July 27, and the Loaded Orygun story didn't hit until the next day, Friday, July 28.

So, Billy Dalto's crew went digging for dirt on Carol Suzuki well before the blog story broke about his little patronage problem.
Weak, Billy, weak. You're lucky Carla is out sick; she'd have some choice words for you on this exposure of your blatant hypocrisy. Today you get off easy from me; I'm just going to brand you a loser (today and in November) and go rinse my eyes out.