Friday, August 18, 2006

Karen Minnis caught in a whopper trying to "swift boat" her opponent

[Michelle Neumann significantly contributed to this piece.]

Awhile back an organization known as Friends For Safer Libraries (FSL) decided to set up shop as a PAC. The stated goal of this new organization was to eliminate pornography on computers in public libraries.

Besides the obvious First Amendment and "pay attention to your kids while they're on the internet" issues, I've got another bone to pick. The group is branching out. Not only are they working to keep adults from being able to use the internet at will, they're the latest smear merchants for the Karen Minnis campaign in House District 49.

Minnis opponent Rob Brading is a member of the Multnomah County Library Board. The Library is choosing to forego federal dollars that are tied to filtering all computers (including those used by adults) from access to materials that are "obscene, contain child pornography or are deemed to be harmful to minors."

No word yet on who is the arbiter in deciding what is "obscene" or "harmful".

This is as good a place as any to note that the Multnomah County Library in fact filters computers to be used by children under age 12, specifically. 13-16 year olds have the option of using a filter or not.

FSL decided to specifically target Brading in
mailing, branding him "responsible for children viewing internet porn in our county library".

The mailing complains about the rights of adults to freely access the internet at the library, blaming Brading for supporting the decision of the full Library Board. It also accuses him of a "history of supporting pornography".

I suppose next we'll hear from Minnis that Rob Brading likes to run over puppy dogs and starve baby kittens on his way to the secret Democrat porn meetings.

The invertebrate scum dickheads who prop up the Wicked Witch of East County have been busy little boys, haven't they?

Over at the O's political blog, Janie Har notes that the Minnis' campaign claims they have nothing to do with the fliers.

I guess if Minnis is going to lie, she may as well shoot the moon. Cuz this one is a whopper.

Long time Minnis consultant and strategist Chuck Adams registered the FSL website and helped set up the PAC while working for Minnis' campaign, according to her C&E reports. Oregon Family Council's Tim Nashif, another Minnis advisor also helped to set up the PAC.

According to an interview with a FSL representative, the mailing was drafted by The Oregon Family Council. In addition, Dennis Tuuri of Parents Education Association offered to pay for the flier. Tuuri is a Minnis supporter,going so far as to include her in a sermon.

Since the FSL PAC didn't register with the Secretary of State's Office until mid-July, we'll have to wait for the next round of C&E reports to see where their funding is coming from.

The Minnis campaign is asking Oregonians to believe that her closest advisors and strategists helped put this thing together..but her campaign knew nothing about it???

When I called Minnis' campaign to find out about the flier, they denied any association with FSL and wouldn't even mention their name. But they offered to help me get my hands on a copy of the flier. How convenient.

They're going for plausible deniability, obviously. But this doesn't come close to plausible. Minnis' campagin knew all about this. If she didn't personally know, she's so out of touch with her own campaign that she doesn't know the shit they're up to.

Minnis clearly thinks her constituents are too stupid to care--or to know better than to hold her accountable for it.