Friday, December 29, 2006

All Hail Beaverus Testicularus!

In case you gave up when CBS switched over from President Ford's funeral service, the Oregon State Beavers have just completed an amazing comeback from 14 points down late in the 4th quarter of the Sun Bowl, tying the game on Matt Moore's 4th TD of the game to Joe Newton with 22 seconds left. Then, in one of the superior badass calls of all time, coach Mike Riley (apparently under advice from Yvenson Bernard)went for two. Miss it and you lose, throwing away OT. Make it and you seal the game. Bernard made good for his coach, pushing it over the line and the magic was sealed, causing broadcasters to already dub it "a legendary Sun Bowl."

Wow! Congrats, Beavs! 10 wins is the sign of an awesome year. And I bet no other coach in a bowl this year does anything as ballsy as what OSU just pulled off. Exciting year for their sports program, to be sure.

Bring on that wine, and syrup, and whatever, Fired Up Missouri! Told ya....