Thursday, December 28, 2006

HD-18: Guerilla guy wins, Tootie MIA

As reported here yesterday, proceedings went down in Clackamas County to replace newly reelected GOP State Representative Mac Sumner, who resigned his seat the day after the election was certified citing health reasons.

LO was fortunate enough to have an "at the scene" reporter from the region, who wrote up a creative and rather entertaining email about the appointment of Mac's replacement:

The 6 county commissioners made their selection today
before a packed fire hall in Hubbard. Mac Sumner was
there, looking like death warmed over and requiring
some assistance from his wife walking and sitting, but
no Tootie sightings. Interesting and strange that
Bill Kennemer (R-Clackamas) opened the proceedings by
discounting a rumor that had supposedly been
circulating via email that contended that he, Sowa and
Wayne Scott(?) had met and decided that he and Sowa
should abstain from voting in order to allow the
appointment to be made by Kulongoski.

And the nominees were:

Jeffrey Faville, the squeaky-clean, earnest young
Republican wearing a suit he apparently bought before
his last growth spurt, tried to convince the
commissioners that, really, he knew lots. His stated
credentials included that he decided he wanted to run
for office when he was six. Quoted George Washington
and Ronald Reagan (this apparently impressed
Commissioner Milne). Stated that Mac Sumner's stands
were similar to his own and seemed to answer most
questions by talking about meth. (In all fairness,
several of the candidates were guilty of this form of
head-banging) Notable quote: "I will give God credit
for anything I achieve."

Vic Gilliam, the older, hardened, better-tailored
version of a once young Republican, dropped the name
of his old boss, Mark Hatfield, at every opportunity,
much to the delight of the several commissioners who
apparently see themselves as "real" political insiders
(ie. those who were once state legislators - Sowa,
Carlson, Milne, and Kennemer). Talked a lot about
Washington, as in D.C., and listed Hatfield and Gerry
Frank as his mentors. Notable quote: a wonderfully
ambiguous statement about the corporate kicker that
this note-taker was unable to translate (is he for
keeping it or eliminating it? - you'll need to check
the proceedings on CCTV and decide for yourselves-
record it so you can hit replay).

Mike Schrock, who received the most votes from the
Republican PCP's, is a home-schooling, bible-thumping,
regulation-hating, Tom DeLay-looking guy who
repeatedly let it be known that he's against light
rail, bike lanes and schools that don't teach
character. His stated credentials included that he
wanted to be in politics since high school and "God
has been schooling him since then". Notable quote:
"Get the State out of the way".

Ken Iverson, the bulb-growing farmer, came dressed as
a regular guy, talked mostly about representing the
natural resource industry of the district in Salem,
and stated fixing Measure 37 as his most important
priority if elected to the legislature. His stated
credentials included growing up in the district.
Notable quote: "Public agencies seem more concerned
with process, not results."

Vic Hoffer, the personable political oddball from Mt.
Angel, listed his past political excursions (he ran
for state office and regularly lobbies for bills he
also helps to write) and his reality T.V. experiences
as an ambulance driver as his credentials. Notable
quote: "He will not be the vote of a lobbyist, he will
vote his conscience." Seemed to lose points with the
commissioners when he answered that he has "hundreds
of number one priorities" he plans to address in

And the appointed, anointed winner of the HD 18
Republican-democratic process is - ta-dah! - Vic

The votes went like this: Milne (Marion Co), Brentano
(Marion), Carlson (Marion Co.), Kennemer (Clackamas),
Sowa (Clackamas) all voting for Gilliam, and the lone
dissenter Schrader (Clackamas) voting for Iverson.

Our reporter requests no byline--thus it appears anonymously.

You can read a much less colorful report on the proceedings here.