Tuesday, December 26, 2006

I am thinking that Gregg Schumacher is batshit crazy

I used to think he was perhaps he was merely an idiot--or even an asshole. But as a commentor rightly points out, those traits aren't mutually exclusive.

After reading today's Blogtown missive on Schumacher's eviction/evacuation, I've decided the guy has just plain lost his scruples.

Schumacher apparently called a press conference, kept the press waiting (while trying to ply them with hot chocolate--lame) and proceeds to tell the press that his eviction has been dismissed, but he's leaving anyway.

I can't understand why the press bothers to show up for this guy. He apparently lied to the Oregonian about his downtown exit in their original story (or at the very least conveniently left out the eviction part). And now he leaves them twiddling their thumbs waiting around until he decides he's ready to trot his ass out and chat with them.

The Merc hasn't been able to confirm Schumacher's "my eviction has isn't happening but I'm still bugging out" story. If it ends up checking out it'll be one of the few times of late I've seen the guy actually tell the whole truth.