Thursday, February 08, 2007

M37 Inve$tment$

Some Measure 37 proponents have complained that there isn't enough discussion about the small single dwelling family claims that pushed the public to pass this dog of a law.

As I understand it however, only one in five M37 claims are in fact of this type.

In addition, individuals and companies that contributed to the Measure 37 campaign are seeing quite the little return on their investment. Or I should say, a bunch of big, fat, hairy returns.

Our Oregon provides a few example:

SDS Lumber Company, based in Washington state with land holdings in Oregon, contributed $7,500 to the Measure 37 campaign and is now asking for a total of over $120 million dollars between the two claims that they have made on land in Hood River County. SDS is up for a healthy return on their political investment.

In Lane County, a $5,000 investment in the Measure 37 campaign proved quite fruitful for Davidson Industries, Inc., a Mapleton-based company that does crop planting and manufactures lumber. They have filed more seven claims, of which two total $7.6 million dollars. Since they were filed at the last minute, the paperwork isn't public record yet so the details of the other five aren't available. So far, one of their claims has been processed. No cash from the county, but they were awarded a green light of "approved with land use regulation not applied.” So don't worry - Davidson's will make out just fine by building a housing development on the property. Lucky them, unlucky neighbors.

Also in Lane county example: Greg Demers, who owns ATR Services, Inc. and Frontier Industries, Inc., contributed $52,000 individually and through his companies to Measure 37. After it passed he turned around and filed two claims, one individually for $1.2 million dollars, and another $1.2 million dollar claim by way of Frontier Industries under his son Robert’s name.

That's quite a return on those investments.