Friday, February 09, 2007

Oregonians In Action: Short on facts. But at least the BS is deep.

Its becoming painfully clear that the proponents of Measure 37 are in a hot hurry to push claims through unimpeded. All claims. No matter how they mess with adjoining property. No matter how they screw with water tables and wells. No matter how they rape the landscape. There's a shitload of money behind these schemes.

Not to mention the sexiest lure of all, heaps of ideological purity that you need hip waders to traverse.

So forget about having an honest discussion. Especially with letters like this from Oregonians In Action. Short on facts, long on hyperbole:

Kulongoski announced a proposal that would indefinitely suspend all Measure 37 claims, including claims that have been filed and claims that have already been approved.

I can't imagine that David Hunnicutt hasn't read a copy of Senate Bill 505, the Guv's proposal. It specifically states in the summary at the top of the bill that it would expire June 30, 2007 or when session ends, whichever comes first.

And Dave...the bill also states that it doesn't effect claims that are already approved.

Perhaps TJ and I should send Dave a copy of the bill via certified letter, just to make sure he actually has it. Could it be that the internets is broken over at the OIA offices? Maybe their tubes are blocked. Benefit of the doubt, right?

If the Governor’s scheme passes, all of the time, money, and effort you have made to restore your property rights will be taken away at the stroke of the Governor’s pen.

Wrong again. This is a timeout. It would have ZERO permanent effect on these claims. There are a lot of problems with how 37 is implemented around the state. This is to allow the legislature to come up with a solution while bringing all sides to the table. Even M37s most ardent backers. And yes, the GOP gets to write a minority reports from the Fair Land Use Committee. Which is a helluva lot more than the Dems would have been given if Minnis/Scott were still in charge.

And since most Measure 37 claimants are elderly, many Measure 37 claims will be lost forever while the suspension is in effect.

"Most" are elderly? I'd love to see the proof for that statement. But setting it aside, the timeout allows for transferability, which is why you're seeing 1000 Friends's less than enthusiastic response.

More on the Guv's proposal here.

Hopefully Hunnicutt is done shoveling crap on this topic. But I doubt it.