Monday, May 14, 2007

Bigots (or perhaps closeted gays) march forth in Southern Oregon

I cannot understand the visceral hatred for equal rights for all under the law that some bigots insist upon clinging to:

Three Southern Oregon men, including the chairman of the Constitution Party of Oregon, filed with the Oregon Secretary of State on Monday morning to refer two recently adopted gay-rights laws to the voters in the fall of 2008.

Their blatant disregard for the rights of their fellow citizens is simply shameful.

Bigot #1: Jack Brown

Brown has a bio here. Brown is the State Chair of the Constitution Party of Oregon. The creed on the CP's website says "Life, Liberty and Limited Government". It would seem that for Jack Brown, this only applies to the people he decides on. Brown appears to be the leader..or at perhaps the spokesperson--for the three man group trying to repeal equal rights for GLBT folks.

Bigot #2: Robert Sweat
Robert Sweat is a mechanic from Wilderville. Sweat is apparently a Republican.

Bigot #3: Richard Hake, a Constitution Party member from Rogue River.

Studies show that this sort of intense homophobic bigotry is often exhibited by males who are in fact strongly sexually aroused by homosexual erotic stimuli.