Friday, July 13, 2007

Michele Malkin and Lars Larson get their panties in a twist over PDX airport art

It's been awhile since I've flown out of PDX airport, but it appears at least one piece of art out there has Michelle Malkin and Lars Larson all bunched up.

Malkin trots out her usual bloviating bitchiness about how public art shouldn't be offensive to anyone:

Christian-bashing? Check.

Anti-gun message? Check.

Anti-war zealotry? Check.

Anti-capitalism symbolism? Check.

American flag mockery? Check.

You'll understand if I have little sympathy for Ms. Malkin's goofball opinion, as entitled to it as she is.

We've spent the last seven years with an administration that has made a mockery of Christianity while shooting thousands of innocent civilians overseas in their ridiculous, trumped-up war while wrapping themselves in the flag. And Malkin scratches her brain cells wondering why public art is reflecting this?

Malkin's attention was brought to the matter by former Oregonian and winger gadfly Lars Larson, whose issues of compensation are only eclipsed by the mouth he puts that cigar in.

It fascinates me how the murder of innocent civilians doesn't cause these people to bat an eyelash. But art that reflects a large swath of the public consciousness is fodder for outrage.


TJ's update, 7/14 12:30pm--
Malkin has updated her blog with the bad (good) news: Port of Portland officials aren't taking it down. So sad, too bad. The Taliban doesn't live here, honey.